The Master Listings below may include the Pioneer, Spouse and her Maiden Name, and their
    Children, along with their Address and type of Occupation and their City. Many Pioneers were
    married several times. Maiden names have been included if, we found one, and only for the last
    marriage noted. Please understand there may be many entries with the same name as the
    Pioneer, along with any other information for that person, may appear in several other references.
    A Page number, and a Reference Identification has been included for each Pioneer we have listed.
    Please see "Our Reference Identification" in the Reference Book List section HERE
The Riverside California Pioneer Project
Pioneer Families who lived in the City of Riverside and Riverside County
Provided by - Em Lages Research Institute
    The following links are for the City of Riverside only.
    We are working on adding the children of the Pioneer Family that we find in each book.
    We will create new links as we complete sections of this very long process. All these links work.
    New information is being added as we create new links and transfer the material to their pages.

    Master Riverside County List - Sorted by Name.
    Master Maiden Name List - Sorted by Spouse's Maiden Name
    The above lists includes every name, for every city, in the County of Riverside and their
    children who may have moved elsewhere, to live their lives. It includes the listing below.

             Special Section for Riverside in San Bernardino and San Diego County
             before Riverside became a County.

    We created a new list for the 1883 History of San Bernardino County, with Illustrations.
    This contains all of the Pioneers from San Bernardino and San Diego Counties from this reference
    book and, the names of the cities they were living in. This is very exciting as many of these Pioneers
    were living in San Diego County or San Bernardino County, that became part of the new Riverside
    County in 1893.

    These cities became part of Riverside County
    San Jacinto, South Riverside (Corona), Perris, Elisnore, Moreno (Moreno Valley), Banning, Murrieta,
    Beaumont, Winchester, South Jacinto, Alessandro, Florida, Wildomar, Rincon, Temecula, Menifee,
    Temescal, El, Casco, Leon, San Ignacio, Hemet, Indio, Palm Springs, Cahuilla, Diamente, and Radec.
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