The City of Riverside, California - Pioneer Project
Provided by - E M  Lages Research Institute
Sorted on Spouse's Maiden Name
Only the Pioneer names that have been found listed
as being in the City of Riverside are located on these pages
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    Searching by the Maiden Name is vital to any person doing Genealogy research. It is Key to
    locating the family of the wife. These pages only show her Maiden name only. You will find
    daughters, mothers and maybe sisters using these pages. You will need to look at the other
    pages we have created to match up any family members. Along with the woman's name, there
    will also be her Husband's name, their address is available and an occupation.
Martha B. (Smith)
Sarah Ann (Garner)
Sarah (McBride)
Lillian M.(Shugart)   
Susan E. (Handy)