Riverside Poly High School Sports

School football, followed by the rest of Riverside Poly High School sports the Class of 1916 took part in.
Please note this will take awhile to get posted. Also, Poly was not qualified as part of CIF. As a result Poly
was not entitled to receive a pennant for winning the league and becoming the Champion team for that

The players for the 1st Riverside Poly High School Football Team were;

                R E - Davenport and Miller
                R T - Lejal
                R G - Martin
                C    - Wheeler
                L G - Paulson
                L T - Zimmerman
                L E - Phillips
                Q   - Overman and Harris (Captain)
                F B - Livengood and Paul Martin
                L H - Rubidoux
                R H - Dave Garcia
                Sub Half  - Wood
                Sub Linesmen - Benson, Ammerman and Fry

The scores for the 1st team were;
Team             Opposing Team                  Location Played
               Poly 58    Fullerton Junior College 0       At the Fairgrounds
               Poly 14    Whittier State 27                     Unable to determine
               Poly 6      Pomona 8                               At Pomona
               Poly 26    Chaffey 0                                At Chaffey
               Poly 81    Redlands 0                             Unable to determine
               Poly 81    San Bernardino 7                    At Riverside
               Poly 48    LA Poly 0                                LA Poly

Note: Los Angeles Poly were the Los Angeles area Champs the year prior.

The rules for CIF play were such that Riverside Poly High School did not qualify for the championship
and as such no pennant was won.

The Coaches were Mr. Gosset and Mr. Busch.
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