Number             Company                                 Proprietor                                       Category
3000        Grass Field - entire block                Vacant Lot
3105                  Unknown                                Vacant Building
3135        Bader General Auto Repair                                                             Automobile-Repair
3145        S.E.T.                
314?        Unknown                                          Vacant Building
3157        Perfect Impression                
3161        Unknown                
3175        Vacant Lot                                       Vacant Lot
3189        Vanderzyl                                        Vacant Building
3225        Sav-A-Minit Market                                                                          Convenience Store
3245        MT Auto                                            Used Cars                              Automobile-Used
3257        Newly constructed                            Ofc/Apts building                    Offices/Apartments
32??        Mission Village Townhouses                                                           Apartments/Condominiums
3311        Starbucks Coffee                                                                            Coffee Store
3361        CVS Pharmacy                                                                                Pharmacy
33??        Raincross Promenade        to 1st St.                                              Apartments/Condominiums
3400        Marriott Hotel                      to 4th St.                                              Hotel
34??        Marriott Parking Lot            to 3rd St.                                              Parking Lot
3425        Casa de Anza Motel                                                                        Hotel/Apartments
342?        Vacant Lots - to corner                    Vacant Lot
3505        Mission Auto Sales                                                                         Automobile-Used
3547        R B Graphics                
3583        Empire Acrogymnastics                
3595        Aamco Transmissions                                                                    Automobile-Repair
35??        Parking Lot                         to 5th St.                                             Parking Lot
3601        6th Street Antiques                                                                        Antiques
3653        Brookleberry's Antiques                                                                 Antiques
3653        Mr. Beasley's Antiques                                                                   Antiques
365?        Parking Lot                         to 6th St.                                             Parking Lot
3660        Vacant Building                                                                              Vacant Building
3662        Vacant Building                                                                              Vacant Building
3664        Vacant Building                                                                              Vacant Building
3666        Vacant Building                                                                              Vacant Building
3668        Vacant Building                                                                              Vacant Building
36??        Fox Theater Complex                                                                     Vacant Building
36??        Old Stadler Building      Faces Mission-across from Fox Theater   Vacant     
3701        Today Dental                                                                                 Dentists
3701A      Davidson/Mandy Consulting                Consulting
3780        City of Riverside Human Resources     parking structure               City Services
3801        Riverside School for the Arts                Universities
3801        Riverside University HR Building           Universities
3811        Unknown                
3817        Unknown                
3825        Unknown                
3845        Riverside Community College System Offices                              Universities
38??        Wells Fargo Bldg                                 Faces University               Banking
38??        White Park                Parks & Recreation
3900-3930        Parking Lot                                                                         Parking Lot
3930        Riverside Mission Florist (White Park Bldg)                                 Florist
3945        Le Sex Shoppe                                                                            Adult
3959        Unknown                
3965        Cabin Sushi                                                                                 Restaurants
3970        Mountain Insurance                                                                     Insurance
3976        Word of Mouth Roots, Reggae & Culture                                    Arts
397?        Parking Lot                Parking Lot
3993        Riverside Barrister Building                                                         Attorneys
39??        Vacant Building        Faces 10th St. - no Mkt St. addr.                Vacant Building
4019        Paralegal                
4026        El Sarape Restaurant                                                                 Restaurants
4027        Farmers Insurance                                                                      Insurance
4029        Cold Cutz Barber Shop                                                               Barber/Beauty Shops
402?        Unknown                                                                                     Small Office    
4035        Law Offices                                                                                 Attorneys
4093        PIP Printing                                                                                 Printing/Copy Service
4135        Tire Liquidation Center                                                               Automobiles-Tires
413?        Firestone Car Service                                                                Automobile-Repair
41??        Cleaners                      Faces 10th St. - no addr. on bldg.         Cleaners
41??        Parking Structure                           Faces 11th St.                     Parking Lot
42??        Clarks Deli                                                                                 Restaurants
42??        Side of Building                
42??        Vacant Lot                                                                                 Vacant Lot
421?        Parking Lot                                   Faces 12th St.                      Parking Lot
4212        Vision Ltd Optometry                                                                 Physicians-Optometrists
4225        Clarks Nutrition Center                                                              Health Foods
4241        Rhonda's Jewelry & Gifts                                                           Jewelry/Gifts
4267        Market Street Jewelry & Loan                                                    Jewelry/Gifts/Pawn Shop
4282        Carl's Jr. Restaurant                                                                 Restaurants
4336        Local SEIU                                                                                Credit Union
4343        Dhalla Orthopedic Center                                                         Physicians-Orthopedic
4344        Old Glory Antiques                                                                   Antiques
4380        Top Dawg Auto Repair                                                             Automobiles-Repair
4395        Thrifty Gas Station                                                                   Automobiles-Gasoline
4398        De Anza Muffler                                                                       Automobiles-Repair