The neighbors at 203 N. Almond, long ago.
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Stanley R. McDougall
Cora McDougall
Elizabeth (Betty) McDougall
The census information that is available is amazing. The census showed their address as being 209 when it really was 203. The
family lived in the house for a very long time. The local telephone directory shows Stanley listed in 1907 as being at near the corner
of Houghton and Almond. They also appear in the 1910, 1920 and the 1930 census.

After doing a huge amount of research on this family, including finding a photo of Elizabeth (Betty) in the 1928 Riverside Poly High
School Annual, where she attended during her high school years.

1910 Federal Census seems to show Stanley McDougall with a wife of Mary. A border named Darlington T. Bady also is shown at
the address.

Stanley R. McDougall was born about 1881 in Canada and his wife Ora D. McDougall (born about 1885.) They had a daughter
named Elizabeth who was born about 1911. He was 18 in 1900 (from 1900 Census) and was a driver. He lived with his parents
and siblings at 1287 Lime Street.  He owned SR McDougall & Company in about 1906 and was a volunteer Fireman for the city. He
was a blacksmith and worked out of the downtown address of 430 8th Street, near Lemon. Stanley was a blacksmith and carriage
maker. He later added automobiles to his trade. The telephone numbers were, Home 1090, Main 90. Additional history of Stanley
McDougall will follow. Please take note the actual address was 203 North Almond.

Note: 1920 Census shows the McDougall’s living at 203 North Almond. Riverside City records show the house at 203 North Almond
was not built until 1925. This is incorrect as the Sanborn maps show the house as 201 (not 203) was there in 1905. 203 North
Almond became 203 Fairmount Blvd., in 1914 and in 1930 the address again changed becoming 2989 Fairmount.

The numbers of the street run down towards 1st Street, North to South. 209 then 203, cross Houghton 196 down to 101 at 1st
Street. Present day house numbering, the numbers run up going towards 1st street. 2961, 2989, cross Houghton the numbers
begin with 3007, 3027 and going up.

Stanley was interred on December 1st 1939 at age 58 in Evergreen Cemetery. Cora was interred on January 5th, 1970 at the age of
83. Ora was cremated and her ashes were placed in the same site as her husband Stanley.

Evergreen Cemetery is located at Pine and 14th streets. Evergreen Cemetery is currently undergoing a historical designation. Cora
and Stanley are within the boundary of what will become historical. The location of internment is Section 4, Block 4, Lot 9, #3.

1905 - Stanley worked for O’Conner and Covey as a blacksmith.
1906 - Stanley owned SR McDougall and Company located at 503-515 8th Street. This was at the corner of Lemon and 8th streets.
He is billeted as Blacksmithing and horseshoeing and wagon makers and repairers.
1918 - SR McDougall & Company moved to 356 8th Street.

1957-58 - SR McDougall Machine Shop – (HM Robertson)
3518 S Chicago Avenue Tel OV 3-7210

1963 - McDougall General Contractors are found to be at 3518 S. Chicago Avenue tel # OV 3-7210.
Ora McDougall was living at 4031 West 6th Street and is showing as retired.

1976 the property on Chicago was purchased from McDougall and is currently owned by Reel Lumber. Phone 800-649-4906

Betty McDougall was a senior at Riverside Poly High School in 1928. She was involved in many school activities and clubs. She
took part in the school government. She followed the College Preparatory Course, 4 years in the Girl Scouts at the school. She was
an Honor Society member her 2nd year. For 3 years she was in the Latin Club and was the Social Chair for the club in here 3 year.
Betty was the Secretary of her in her 3rd year and was the Assistant President of the Orange and Green that same year, along with
being in the Junior play. She was a Vaudette as a sophomore and a senior. Betty was also The Girls League President, she had a
role in the dramatics class play and was a member of the Commission during her senior year at Riverside Poly High School. This
information about Betty came from the 1928 Riverside Poly High School yearbook, The Orange and Green.

If you know more about Betty, please contact us at the address listed at the bottom of the home page if you have any other
information about Betty or her family. She was an active student, she must have continued to be active after high school. If you would
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McDougall Family

1897 James McDougall was a painter and lived at 187 Lime Street (This may be an error, and may have been 1287 and not 187)

1902 address 1287 Lime Street
Father - James McDougall – Painter and Decorator
Son - J. Boyd – Clerk
Son - Stanley R. – Blacksmith
Son - Harry W. – unknown

1905 address 1287 Lime Street
Son - Harry W. McDougall – City Lighting Department – engineer
Son - J. Boyd McDougall – ST&T Company
Father - James McDougall – Painter
Daughter - M. Winnifred McDougall – Student
Son - Stanley R. McDougall - Blacksmith

1907 address
1287 Lime Street
Father - James McDougall was a painting contractor
Son - Harry W. McDougall – worked for the Fire Department as an engineer
Son - J. Boyd McDougall was the Secretary for Penn Fruit Company
Daughter - M. Winnifred McDougall was a student
Daughter - Jean McDougall was a student

J. Boyd McDougall was also a Deputy County Tax Collector in about 1918-1919 according to the Riverside City Directory.

The information below was taken from the historical works:

Selected Biography of Actors and Witnesses
of the Period of Growth and Achievement

VOLUME III, Page 1064
JOHN BROWN, Jr. Editor for San Bernardino County
JAMES BOYD Editor for Riverside County

Copyright, 1922
Chicago, III.

James McDougall has given fully a third of a century of continuous business activity to Riverside. He owns a large and profitable
business in the painting and decorating trades, and more or less continuously since coming to California has also been interested
in the development and ownership of orange groves.

Mr. McDougall was born at Woodstock Ontario. Canada. August 3, 1856, the son of James and Cecilia McDougall His parents
represented families that were pioneers in Hamilton and Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. His father had a successful career in
those localities as an architect and builder.

James McDougall acquired a Practical education in the schools of Woodstock, and at the age of fifteen began a five year
apprenticeship in the painting and decorating business. He learned these trades thoroughly, and they have been the foundation of
his life work. For several years he had a good business at Woodstock, but in his enthusiasm for success took on heavier burdens
than his strength would permit, and by 1886 he realized his health was more important than his business, and early in 1887 he
sold out and came to Riverside, California. In that year he bought some town lots and erected a home, where he and his good wife
have lived continuously for thirty-four years. He was soon re-established on a profitable basis in the painting and decorating
business, and still directs a thoroughly equipped and efficient organization in that line. He has developed several orange groves
during the last thirty years, and always has one as a side line interest.

Mr. McDougall is a man of more than one resource. As a child he was musically inclined, and at the age of fourteen was playing a
clarinet in a military band attached to the Twenty-Second Rifle Regiment at Woodstock. He is a liberal republican in politics, with
reform tendencies, is a member of the Masons and Elks, and he and Mrs. McDougall have been members of the Presbyterian
Church since the church of that denomination was established at Riverside.

At Woodstock, Canada, February 9. 1881. Mr. McDougall married Miss Mary McLean. Her parents came from Scotland on a sailing
vessel to Canada in 1850. Mr. and Mrs. McDougall had six children, four sons and two daughters, one son dying in infancy. The two
older sons, S. R., and J. B. McDougall, both served with Company M of the Seventh Regiment of the National Guard at Riverside. S.
R. McDougall now conducts a blacksmith and automobile shop. J. Boyd McDougall was deputy tax collector of Riverside County for
seven years and died during the influenza epidemic of 1918-19. The third son H. W. McDougall, is a refrigerating engineer. The two
daughters, Jean and Winifred, are both married.